A mom to many: client Jodi Morris

Jodi’s daughter’s wedding. In attendance: Jodi’s foster daughter and two foster sons from Myanmar with their families, foreign exchange student from Germany, and two foster daughters and their families. All six of the children call Jodi “grandma.” Mother’s Day is this month, so we were excited to speak to a remarkable mom, client Jodi Morris. … Read more


A Mother’s Day to remember!

                                 Photographer Idie Atencio on the other side of the lens. Do something different this year! Give mom a family photoshoot (what mom isn’t crazy about family photos?), private-chef dinner, interior design consultation, or other unique experience. Here are suggestions. … Read more


Coral’s the color of the year

                    The Pantone Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral, an energizing shade of orange that’s also soft and friendly. Coral has the joyful impact of orange, but it’s more versatile. Add a pillow or throw, and boom! Instant pop of energy. Or go bigger … Read more


Love therapy with client Kaati Tarr!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we consulted Kaati Tarr, LCSW, for advice on how to nurture true love. Kaati counsels teens and adults. Turns out the platitudes are true: relationships start with yourself. Kaati says, “Ask yourself, What do I believe about myself? Many people I see struggle to connect with people because they don’t feel … Read more


Stay warm and green this winter

          Many of the ways we combat winter (staying warm, clearing our driveways, etc.) can be bad for the environment. Here are a few ways to stay warm and minimize impact. Choose safer antifreeze and recycle used antifreeze Use sand instead of rock salt Start fires with dry kindling vs chemical … Read more


Football-shaped food for Super Bowl!

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! You’re not a real fan unless you’re eating festive, shaped foods! Here are great ideas for your favorite deviled egg, meatloaf, and peanut-butter-chocolate-cookie recipes. Just add laces with cheese, chives, and frosting! Find more ideas here.


Our Favorite Things, Oprah-style!

We love Oprah. We think her name is perfect for an airport. But who has time to look through a hundred Favorite Things? So, as a team, we decided to make our own list. Then clients, friends, and family shared their favorites, too, and the list was way more manageable at 20 things—and too good … Read more


December decor

Whether you like high shine or an antique finish, brass warms up a cool room in an instant. Don’t be afraid to mix metals in your décor. You’ll love the balance it brings to aspace, even  in small accent pieces. These brass side tables are not only adorable but double as stools for big gatherings. … Read more


Give yourself a hygge!

Hygge is Danish for cozy comfort, and if you haven’t begun already, December is definitely the time to start. Grab fuzzy socks, soft blankets, and hot soup. Try hygge at home! Light pumpkin, pine, or apple scented candles: what’s more cozy than a hot flame and the smell of winter goodies? Opt for soy vs. … Read more


November real estate roundup!

We hit the town to show you the coolest places in Salt Lake in our Feature Fridays. Here’s one of our favorites from last month. The Train Shoppe is a hobby shop with a hidden treasure in the back, a bustling old city called Salty Gulch. It’s a real treat for kids and adults alike. … Read more