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Jessie Anderson | Realtor® & Office Manager

801-673-8240 |

Jessie Anderson brings natural energy to Paras Real Estate that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at another firm. With a decade’s experience in Real Estate, she is a skilled and knowledgeable Agent who works hard doing whatever is needed to make Paras Real Estate run smoothly and successfully.  As the Office Manager as well, she’s a natural complement to the other Agents and Brokers, with a personable way of connecting with clients that inspires trust and confidence in her abilities.

As a child, Jessie moved around a lot. She was an Army brat, and she knows exactly what it’s like to move from place to place. This life experience aids her in the job, allowing her to empathize with clients, knowing the importance of finding just the right new place, and the stress of finding a buyer for the old one. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Westminster College was a perfect foundation for a career in Real Estate, which is why she specializes in buying and selling.

Jessie believes Salt Lake City is one of the most beautiful places in the world, which is why, after all of her travels, she chose to call the area home.  An avid outdoorswoman and exercise enthusiast, she gets to enjoy all that natural beauty as often as she can.  Whether biking, hiking, running or snowboarding, Jessie is always on the go.  This appreciation for the aesthetic around her helps in her work as well, and she’s become known as an Agent who has a natural ability for visualizing and brainstorming with clients to bring out the potential in any space.

In keeping with the company culture at Paras Real Estate, Jessie shares with her coworkers a genuine love of people.  When you choose to work with her, you’re choosing a professional who cares.  If you’re buying a property or selling, Jessie is the person for you.  Give her a call today!