Spring home checklist

Weed, prune, and add weed control and mulch. Your lawn and garden need nourishment to grow. Maximize its chance to flourish by removing pesky weeds and feeding it compost and mulch.

Pressure wash house, driveway, patio, etc. Nothing feels better than a serious power wash. You’ll be amazed at how bright your home looks when the winter film is washed away.

Clean gutters and yard debris. Spring cleaning is a thing for a reason. Snow melts away and leaves behind rubbish. Clear your gutters to prevent spring rains from causing leaks and water damage.

Check sprinklers. Don’t wait till the rain stops and the heat dries up your yard. Check sprinklers now so they’re ready to feed your grass, food, and flowers.

Plant something new! Spring is the season of new beginnings. Add something pretty to your garden, or try a new veggie, like easy-growing greyzini!