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Polly Rihm

Tara is a rock star. She is extremely organized and knowledgeable. She is so great to work with, if you have a chance to work with her, you should. It’s a no-brainer, she will make the process easy and smooth for you, as a buyer or seller.


Nicole Greener

"I’ve been using Tara for last ten years for my real estate investments.  She is very thorough and will make sure her client’s needs are always represented.  I believe she is the most ethical agent I’ve ever worked with as well.  I know that everyone that she’s worked with has been very happy!  I highly recommend her.”


Jacqueline Baker

Tara was easy and fun to work with. She suggested putting in a backup offer on the house I really wanted. When the original offer fell through, the house became mine! I never would have known that was an option.


Kaytlin Ellsworth

I’ve seen a few different realtors in action between watching my sister and brother buy homes and then buying and selling myself. Tara is THE greatest realtor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’ve never felt more taken care of than with her. She knows her stuff, is quick to respond, and is always on top of everything.

I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for someone they can trust to take care of them the way family would. I will use Tara for all of my real estate needs until she retires. And I recommend her to all of my friends and family as well.


Kenny Homan

I’ve used Tara as both a buyer and seller agent and couldn’t be happier.  She was always easy to get a hold of and answer any concerns during the buying/selling process.  Any questions that required research were always answered in a timely and informative manner.  I would easily recommend Tara to friends and family.


Diana Montero

We are first time home buyers, and we were recommended by a friend of ours. She was easy to work with, and made our experience fun!  She was determined to keep trying different listings until we found the perfect first home. The market was crazy when we bought; the home that we picked was only on the market for a couple days when we jumped on it.

When we put in the offer, there were multiple offer situations and Tara made sure we came out the winners! We took a few months to pick out our home, and she stayed positive and helped us with all see all of our options in our budget. We had so many questions and she explained things in a way that was so easy for us to understand. She was efficient when we would go look. We are busy business owners so she kept things organized for us so it fit into our schedule. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family!


Kiersten Pierce

I don’t think I can put into words how amazing our home buying experience was with Tara Paras. She was so friendly, knowledgeable and MOST importantly patient.

My husband and I weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for. We started the process looking for duplexes and then changed to a single family home. Tara and I looked at close to 50 homes before we found the right one. She humored me as I sent her listing after listing trying to find the right home for us. She never once acted irritated or made me feel rushed.

Once we started the official buying process Tara took care of everything. She made sure the homeowners made some repairs before the sale could go through. Part of the agreement was for the homeowner to replace the gas fireplaces. After a bit of drama with the repair man and the frustration of the old home owner, long story short Tara and the other realtor decided to finish the agreed upon work and pay for it out of their own commission. We were shocked that Tara cared so much about fulfilling the agreement that she took it upon herself to pay for it out of her own pocket when the old homeowners decided to stop responding.

I tell everyone about Tara Paras because I think she is the BEST realtor in the Salt Lake Valley. Hire her and you won’t be sorry.


Rick Robelowski

Tara made it so easy for us to find the right home.   With our busy work schedules leaving us very little time in the evenings to house hunt, Tara was our there finding us just the right house! I couldn’t be happier, and love our home.


Polly Bergseng

Tara is extremely professional and stays engaged with her clients from start to finish and beyond, she’s always there to help and responds quickly. Her local knowledge is probably some of the best you’ll find, as she’s been living and working in Utah her entire life. I wouldn’t trust my real estate needs with anyone else.

Chad and Marci Zulian
Chad and Marci Zulian

Chad and Marci Zulian

We have bought and sold with Tara and she goes above and beyond to help ease the process. You won’t be disappointed. We bought 2 houses and sold 1 with Tara and never once had a hiccup. She is extremely easy to work with.” ~ Chad “Tara went above and beyond helping us sell our house and get into our new house without having to stay anywhere in between.

We loved her so much we used her again when we had to unexpectedly move again and each and every time she has helped us in ways that exceeded my expectations. You will not be disappointed in her knowledge and willingness to work hard to help you get the best price for your home as well as knowing what the home is worth that you want to buy.


Dawn Cardinale

Being my first home purchase, I expected the process to be much more difficult and complicated; it was very daunting to consider. But the worst part was the anticipation. I am surprised at how smooth the process worked, and how simple Tara made it for me. To anyone scared or intimidated about buying a home, I highly recommend Tara. She is very knowledgeable, tireless, honest, and a positive spirit to keep things in perspective.

She’s also very candid and no-nonsense when it comes to guiding you to the house that fits YOUR needs, offers, and contracts. Her thorough research shows through–I believe it was as efficient a process as possible. In my case, I ended up buying a house I saw the second day I started searching, but Tara wanted me to feel certain about my decision so she spent many nights showing me houses for comparison and peace of mind. You will see that she is very passionate about helping people and that her goal is to see her clients happy–not just today during the buying process but in the future for the duration of ownership.


Monica Paterson

I have had the pleasure of working with Tara Paras on more than one occasion. She helped my buy my first home, and a few years later she helped me sell my first home. She also helped my mother navigate the market as a first time home buyer.

I have highly recommended Tara Paras to many friends and family, and I will confidently continue to do so in the future. Tara is honest, trustworthy, and more concerned about her clients experience than making a commission from a sale. Tara keeps up with the market trends, she is aware of fluctuating interest rates, and she actively listens to what her clients needs are. Tara has an uncanny ability to envision her clients dream home and find the perfect match that will fit within their budget. Tara is also very honest about what a good sale/buy is. She will negotiate fair terms for her clients no matter the circumstance.