PARAS NEWS April 24 You Can Support Local Biz Find Out How

The Paras Team shares personal thoughts and tips for coping during the coronavirus pandemic, plus market info and ways to support your local businesses (see list of operating businesses). Kids in Focus: Mom of Five Shares Ideas & Insight Whitney Stephens I’m happy to share my thoughts and ideas—I hope they’re helpful! Here’s my “Activities … Read more


8 Great Tips to Get Your Home Winter-Ready

          Mow your leaves! When leaves decompose, they feed your lawn invaluable nutrients for winter. Not only does mulching your leaves with a mower nourish your lawn, you won’t have to do all that raking! The key is to cut the leaves into dime-sized pieces when they’re dry, so they readily … Read more


Paras Real Estate visits Shawn Boyle with Tuscany SLC and Franck’s Restaurant

Looking for a Holiday Party with amazing food and gorgeous ambience? Contact Shawn Boyle with Tuscany SLC and Franck’s Restaurant you won’t be disappointed! It’s delicious and the service is beyond your highest expectations! We love it!!


The Executive Chef at Pallet Shares the Perfect Fall Recipe!

For Buzz Willey, the story is classic: he grew up with the warm, embracing aroma of his Italian grandmother’s kitchen and nurtured a lifelong passion for cuisine, which led to culinary school and culminated in opening a restaurant. Now, 8 years later, Buzz’s restaurant Pallet is an award-winning hotspot in a city where the culinary … Read more


Don’t Miss Our Halloween Bash!

It’s our biggest party of the year! This Halloween, come bowling with us at Olympus Hills Lanes & Fun Center. There will be yummy food, an opportunity drawing with prizes, and of course a costume contest! Plus, we’ll have a fundraiser for The Road Home, which provides many helpful services to Salt Lake’s homeless population. … Read more


Spring home checklist

Weed, prune, and add weed control and mulch. Your lawn and garden need nourishment to grow. Maximize its chance to flourish by removing pesky weeds and feeding it compost and mulch. Pressure wash house, driveway, patio, etc. Nothing feels better than a serious power wash. You’ll be amazed at how bright your home looks when … Read more

Molly Dockter

April showers bring May flowers!

Whether you’ll plant your first garden this spring or you’re a seasoned green thumb, here are expert tips from client Molly Dockter, who says now is the time to get started! Prep your soil. Add amendments like compost and mulch. You can get compost from the landfill. Get small pieces, less than 2.5”. Your local … Read more


A mom to many: client Jodi Morris

Jodi’s daughter’s wedding. In attendance: Jodi’s foster daughter and two foster sons from Myanmar with their families, foreign exchange student from Germany, and two foster daughters and their families. All six of the children call Jodi “grandma.” Mother’s Day is this month, so we were excited to speak to a remarkable mom, client Jodi Morris. … Read more


A Mother’s Day to remember!

                                 Photographer Idie Atencio on the other side of the lens. Do something different this year! Give mom a family photoshoot (what mom isn’t crazy about family photos?), private-chef dinner, interior design consultation, or other unique experience. Here are suggestions. … Read more


Coral’s the color of the year

                    The Pantone Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral, an energizing shade of orange that’s also soft and friendly. Coral has the joyful impact of orange, but it’s more versatile. Add a pillow or throw, and boom! Instant pop of energy. Or go bigger … Read more